Kolak was a Klingon captain in the 2270s.


After the Klingon Empire killed Sarsithian General Onoth, Kolak, his crew and ship then tried to escape from the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk to discuss a truce. He then hid in the debris from the fourth planet of the Vulpecula 12 system and waited for the proper moment to attack the Enterprise. Kolak then attacked and disabled the Enterprise and it's sensors.

However, Kolak's ship, himself and his crew of 385 then came under attack by the Omnimind's forces on Iskonia's asteroid defenses. His ship was destroyed and his crew landed on Iskonia. He then had the defenses target the Enterprise. After the Enterprise destroyed the defenses, Kolak contacted Kirk and offered to talk with him. However, the Omnimind's robots betrayed him and he was placed in a chamber to be restructured into cyborgs to serve the Omnimind. Kolak was ordered to terminate Kirk and his landing party, but was able to break through his reprogramming. He then destroyed the restructuring facility, but died in a console explosion. (TOS comic: "Restructuring Is Futile")