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Kolj, moments before his death.

Kolj was a male Klingon in the 23rd century, in the 2250s he served in the Klingon Defense Force, and was assigned as a bridge officer aboard the IKS Varchas under Commander Kaaj in 2254. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

Kolj's life came to and end in 2254 when his shipmate Virka directed blame at him for not giving Kir the correct coordinates to track a shuttlecraft the Varchas was pursuing. For his failure Kolj was shot by Kaaj. (EV comics: "The Fires of Pharos", "The Flat, Gold Forever")


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  • Whether or not Kolj was actually responsible for losing the shuttlecraft is unclear, either way the incident indebted Kir to Virka.
  • As with Kir and Virka, Kolj was not named until his second appearence in "The Flat, Gold Forever".

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