For the primary universe counterpart, see Koral.

In the mirror universe, Koral was a Bajoran, a lowly ranjen who lived at some point before the year 2409. He recounted an event of his life in the book The Exorcism of Borhyas. (STO - "Cardassian Struggle" mission: "Jabberwocky")


According to the personal account in the book about an event that occurred two days before, Koral and his master, a vedek, were called to the house of a farmer near the Kola Mountains to exorcise a Pah-wraith from Borhyas. Borhyas' wife had restrained him but the farmer had already clawed out his eyes. While Koral was helpless, the vedek chanted prayers and fought with the possessed Borhyas, succeeding in driving the Pah-wraith from the farmer. Before he did, the Pah-wraith said, "You will find it, Koral. You are the harbinger, and where you go the Reckoning follows." His master told Koral not to worry about Pah-wraith lies. Shaken by the experience, Koral became a volunteer for the archaeologists working at B'hala. His master gave him lease to work in the ancient city. (STO - "Cardassian Struggle" mission: "Jabberwocky")

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