The korgasant (plural korgasanti), or "tentacled mauler", was a carnivorous arthropod predator native to the deserts and mountains of Daros IV, an Orion colony world.

It was an arthropod the size of a man, with armored scales a sickly yellow-orange color, with six clawed limbs and a pair of powerful mandibles. It had large multifaceted insectoid eyes that covered most of its small, bony skull.

Korgasanti laid in wait at the bottom of steep-sided conical pits in the desert sand, into which its victims fell. When one did, it erupted from the sand and quickly seized its prey with its claws to drag into its maw. The floors of these pits were typically littered with the crushed bones of former meals. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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