The Kornak Armed Forces was the military service of the Kornaks, a group on the unnamed planet in an alternate universe visited by Doctors Julian Bashir and Elizabeth Lense in late 2376. The Kornak Armed Forces served as the government of the Kornak society, controlling the citizenry through a system of credits, which were earned by proving loyalty to the Kornaks, and were then used for food, water, housing, clothing, and medical care. To this end, Kornak physicians were commissioned as Kornak Armed Forces officers.

In 2376, Julian Bashir was captured by Kornak Armed Forces soldiers after his runabout, the USS Missouri, broke apart in the planet's atmosphere and crashed. He was brought to Rangdron Medical Complex, a military hospital, by Colonel Blate, where he was treated by Colonel Idit Kahayn and Major Arin. (SCE eBooks: Wounds, Book 1, Wounds, Book 2)

Kornak Armed Forces personnelEdit

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