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Kosst'kiral fan amoyan

Obanak performing the Kosst'kiral fan amoyan ritual

The Kosst'kiral fan amoyan was a ritual that was necessary in using the Red Orbs of the Pah-wraiths and would have led to the creation of a second "celestial temple", or wormhole, which would have released the Pah-wraiths from their prison in the Fire Caves on Bajor. Obanak performed the ritual in the secret laboratory on the Deep Space 9 to summoned the Pah-wraits.

Pah-wraits killing the worshipes

Pah-wraits killing the worshipes

The ritual was successful, but with deadly consequences. Pah-wraiths killed all the worshipes, except Obanak who was possed by the Pah-wraits. (DS9 video game: The Fallen)

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