Kotaba Expanse

The coaxial warp drive starship approaches the Kotaba Expanse.

Kotaba Expanse map

Star chart of the Kotaba Expanse and its spatial vicinity.

The Kotaba Expanse was a region of space in the galaxy's Delta Quadrant, controlled by the Benthan Protectorate. By the 25th century, the expanse had become the namesake of the surrounding Kotaba sector. (VOY episode: "Vis à Vis", STO video game: Delta Rising)


24th centuryEdit

The Federation starship USS Voyager traversed the Kotaba Expanse on its way to the Alpha Quadrant in the 2370s decade. Voyager came from the rimward Sector 41741 and the adjacent Vyntadi Expanse in the year 2374. (ST reference: Star Charts)

On stardate 51658, Voyager visited the Enthara system, and Kendren. By stardate 51781, Voyager approached the enter of the expanse, between the star systems of Benthos, Entaba and Omega. (ST reference: Star Charts)

After an identity thief known as Steth successfully infiltrated Voyager by posing as Lieutenant Tom Paris, and programmed the helm of his experimental coaxial warp ship, with Paris onboard, to travel to the Kotaba Expanse. Upon arriving in the expanse, Paris came under attack by a pair of Benthan patrol ships. Their crews believed Paris to be Steth, and attempted to take him into custody for the theft of the experimental vessel. The patrol ships were forced into retreat by Daelen's ship, which outgunned them. (VOY episode: "Vis à Vis")

Voyager moved on to visit the planet Mikah, subsequently making first contact with the Ramurans around stardate 51813. (VOY episode: "Unforgettable")

On stardate 51850, Voyager left a lasting impression in the Vaskan-Kyrian system. (VOY episode: "Living Witness")

On stardate 51890, the Intrepid-class vessel explored a class Y planet before spending a month navigating the Mutara class Swallow Nebula. (VOY episodes: "Demon", "One")

25th centuryEdit

In the 2400s, the Talaxian refugees from the New Talax planetoid relocated to a larger habitat in the Kotaba Expanse. In 2410, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance helped them colonize a planet, also called New Talax. This event was one of the stepping stones that let to the establishment of the Delta Alliance in the same year. (STO - "The Delta Quadrant" missions: "Reunion", "Alliances")

31st centuryEdit

At some point before the late 31st century and the 38th century, the EMH Backup Module departed the Vaskan-Kyrian homeworld to follow Voyager. (VOY episode: "Living Witness")


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