Kral was a Klingon who served in the Klingon Defense Force in the 23rd century. In 2273 he was the commander of the battle cruiser IKS Ghargh. Kral was the younger brother of Kbrex, but was promoted over him to command of the Ghargh, causing Kbrex much anger and envy even though Kral requested him as his first officer. Kral gave the Ghargh the name Talon's Blood.

In 2273 the Ghargh visited the planet Cragon V in an attempt to bring it into the Klingon Empire. In the absence of Weyland, the planet's ruler, Kral and his crew began teaching the people of Cragon V how to fight. Shortly after Weyland's return, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) also visited the planet. Weyland was furious with the Klingons for what they had done to his people.

After an audience with Weyland, a verbal confrontation between the Klingons and the Starfleet men outside Weyland's castle turned into a battle when Kbrex goaded Kral into firing at Captain James T. Kirk. During the ensuing fight, Kbrex threw a plasma grenade that killed a native child and Lieutenant Garrovick of the Enterprise. Weyland punished both crews by depriving them of ship control, causing their orbits to begin decaying.

Kbrex plotted to remove Kral from command. Vladra, a member of the Ghargh's science department, had developed romantic feelings for Kral. When she went to his quarters to warn him of Kbrex's plans, Kbrex was already there and attacked her. Kral arrived in time to rescue her, but was defeated in combat by his brother, who put Kral and Vladra in the brig and took command. As the ship's orbit continued to decay, Kbrex ordered Kral and Vladra ejected from an airlock. In the few moments before they were sucked into space, Kral found damaged environmental suits for them to wear. Once in space, they were beamed aboard the Enterprise.

Kirk convinced Kral to make an alliance with him in order to convince Weyland to restore control to their ships. Kral and Kirk took a shuttlecraft down to the planet. Kbrex followed and tried to kill them, but was killed by a trap he himself had set. Kral mourned his brother, who had died as a warrior. He was restored to command of the Ghargh. (TOS novel: Home is the Hunter)


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