Lord Krazz was a Klingon military officer during the 2280s.

In 2281, Krazz was assigned by Lord Tolz Kenran to take custody of Federation Warrantors of Peace from the Romulans that had kidnapped them. Krazz objected to the orders but was overruled.

Once he had custody of the prisoners, Krazz tried to rape the females but was stopped by an outpouring of Deltan pheromones from Jali. Afterwards he kept his hands off of the prisoners but he treated them neglectfully, with minimal amenities. He also allowed Kalor, his second in command, to perform psychological experiments that led to the deaths of Jali, Resh, and Krn. Eventually, an earthquake opened a hole in the ground that swallowed Krazz, killing him. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)