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Kring's battle cruiser personnel

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A listing of crew members aboard Kring's battle cruiser in 2268.



First officerEdit

The Klingon first officer was a member of Commander Kring's crew.

Upon the cruiser's return to Klingon space following the mission to Angrena, Kring appeared before a tribunal to investigate what had happened and determine why Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk had let Kring and his crew return home. The first officer produced false testimony that Kring had been returned to the ship because he was acting as a Federation spy.

His testimony swayed the tribunal and Kring was summarily executed. The first officer was then placed in command of the cruiser. (TOS - Uchu comic: "Art of War")


The Klingon Helmsman was a member of Kring's crew who was on duty on the bridge when the cruiser received a distress call from the Federation mining colony on Angrena.

When Kring ordered him to set a course for Angrena, he questioned the commander about rescuing the Humans, but Kring put his mind at rest by telling him that they were really going to "secure" the colony's tritanium supply. (TOS - Uchu comic: "Art of War")


This Klingon Officer was a member of Kring's crew who attended his tribunal.

Following Kring's execution and the first officer's appointment as commanding officer of the cruiser, the new commander named the officer as his "first officer". (TOS - Uchu comic: "Art of War")

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