Krivaq, son of Gorv, of the House of Gorv, was a Klingon warrior serving in the Imperial Klingon Defense Force in the late 24th century.

Krivaq was the third son of Gorv and would spend most of the time with his elder brothers mediating disputes between them, arguments such as the disposition of the Houses meager holdings or the proper way to prepare rokeg blood pie, or who should maintain possession of their mother's bat'leth, or the proper price to pay for gagh and many other conflicts.

In an alternate timeline where the Cardassian Union still occupied Bajor into the 2370s decade, Krivaq was assigned to No'Var Outpost, under the command of Commander J'rak, in 2373. Krivaq perished along with the rest of the outpost's personnel when it was attacked by a Romulan warbird which caused an overload of No'Var's reactor. Krivaq's last thought was of who would mediate his brothers' arguments now that he was dead. (ST - Echoes and Refractions novel: A Gutted World)