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The Krolom-792 mining base is a Klingon mining station controlled by the House of Mi'Qogh, and represents one of their main economic assets. It is located near the Federation and Klingon border, and is used to mine metal out of asteroids. The miners were primarily made up of alien prisoners, similar to other Klingon mining facilities such as Rura Penthe. Occasional unrest and uprisings by these alien workers have resulted in periodic suppression efforts by the Klingon Defense Force.

In 2379, a rebellion occurred and Krolom-792 was declared the "Krolom-792 Free Colony". A freighter containing a shipment of ore was also captured, and the Klingon crew of the station and freighter were held hostage. Jureth, son of Mi'Qogh, dispatched his brother, a newly-minted starship commander, to retake the facility and restore order. The mission was a success, but at least some of the Klingon hostages were killed during the attack. (TNG video game: Starfleet Command III)



The player has been dispatched there to quell an uprising launched by the personnel of the base.


Basically, the player needs to do three things. First, destroy the shuttlecraft the base launches. This is the easiest part since a well-placed disruptor shot can destroy a shuttle.

At this point in the game campaign, the player should captain a K't'inga-class ship, unless playing on hard mode. In addition, it should be outfitted with a Lv.II transporter (which allows beaming three warriors at a time) and fill as many warriors as the ship can fit (or the player can afford) so there will be sufficient troops to capture both targets.

After capturing the freighter, move on to the base. Beware of the base's big guns or they will severely damage or destroy the ship. But once the ship's weapons have downed one shield of the starbase, the player can beam warriors aboard and keep firing at the facility (but NOT destroy the base) to maintain the ability to beam in more "redshirts" if necessary.

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