Krong was a male Klingon in the late 23rd century. Circa 2269, Krong dueled with his commanding officer, M'kar, in an effort to earn a promotion to first lieutenant. However, M'kar was distracted during this fight -- reportedly by a female, Shajara -- and was slain in a dishonorable fashion.

Dishonored, Krong contemplated ritual suicide, but his father forbade it until all other options of regaining his honor were exhausted. Krong ended up living as a exile on the planet Denebia, in the town of Meekrab, for several months, long after giving up hope of returning to the Klingon Empire.

After assisting Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott in a barroom brawl against local criminals, the USS Enterprise officers resolved to transport him to another neutral planet. (TOS short story: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name")

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