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The Kumari-class was a type of Andorian Empire starship, a battlecruiser in Andorian Imperial Guard service in the 22nd century. The Kumari vessels were combatant vessels on the side of the Coalition of Planets allies during the Earth-Romulan War. The Kumari-class were equipped with tractor beams and particle beam weapons, and had a maximum speed exceeding warp 5. (ENT episode: "Cease Fire", et al.)

Following the creation of the United Federation of Planets the Andorian Imperial Guard fleet was absorbed into the newly established Starfleet. While the ships retained it's name it was given the prefix of USS before the name and registry number. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)

In the mirror universe, Kumari-class ships were widely used by rebels against the Terran Empire. (ENT novel: Age of the Empress)

The Kumari-class was still in service, though considerably upgraded, by the early 25th century, and by 2409 had been redesignated an escort vessel. The class had also spawned two variant classes, the Charal and Khyzon-classes. (STO mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

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