For the primary universe counterpart, see Kurak, daughter of Haleka.

In the mirror universe, Kurak was a female Klingon scientist in the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. She was the daughter of Haleka and a member of the House of Palkar. She was regarded as one of the top minds in the Alliance by many, including B'Oraq. Although she was a noted scientist, she was also a competent warrior, like most Klingons.

In 2371, she worked in the research facility on Ardana, under the half-Klingon supervisor B'Elanna. Kurak had no respect for B'Elanna. Like many Klingons, she disliked half-breeds, thinking they should be "drowned at birth." She challenged B'Elanna with her d'k tahg and the two fought for a while, but B'Elanna eventually killed Kurak, by "cheating" and using throwing weapons known as churIQen. Although B'Elanna did not regret killing Kurak, she did not look forward to replacing her, either. (VOY novel: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

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