Kuruk-Tau was a city on the planet Tezwa. Kuruk-Tau was located in a river plain, and was known as a center for commerce and arts.

A Klingon Defense Force fleet stated a preemptive attack on Tezwa after it claimed sovereignty over the Klingon border colony QiV'ol, and the city was heavily damaged in the attack. After the Federation assumed control of the planet following the destruction of the nadion-pulse cannons and the exile of Prime Minister Kinchawn, insurgent forces staged attacks on the city; the runabout Cumberland carrying Jim Peart and the Tezwan peace keeper Tenila traveled to Kuruk-Tau to rescue one of the relief groups. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

the planet Tezwa
cities and settlements Keelee-KeeArbosa-LoOdina-KehAlkam-ZarAnara-ZelKuruk-TauSavola-CovMasheena-Kel
geography Solasook PeninsulaLinoka ForestMokana Basin

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