"I'll send Captain Ky'Dra a bottle of Saurian brandy along with my thanks"
Commander Chan

Ky'Dra was a male Klingon in the 24th century. He was also the captain of the attack cruiser IKS Bortas. Once he fought against the House of Duras. Worf who would remember him as a warrior of great courage.

In 2370, when the Romulan incursion began, the Bortas was one of the first Klingon ships to offer assistance. He was on patrol in the Balis system near a Federation relay station when they detected three warbirds approaching rapidly. Ky'Dra engaged them as they were heading for the Outpost 543. The Bortas disabled and boarded one warbird as the others departed, thus saving the station. As Ky'Dra boarded the warbird, he was surprised to see the modifications made to the Romulan ship, including the removal of weapon systems.

The USS Enterprise-D was sent by Commander Chan to assist the Klingons and the ships met near Goldur Epsilon. Ky'Dra shared some information with Jean-Luc Picard that he had gathered from the Romulan prisoners. This included details of the Chodak race and an ancient weapon, the Unity Device. Ky'Dra scorned the Romulans who wished to waste valuable ships only to seek a legend and seemed skeptical about the existence of the Chodak or the superweapon.

After gathering this information, Starfleet decided that the retrofitted warbirds were to be used for one-way missions, incapable to maintain a long-term occupational force. The attacks were not actually intending to invade the Federation but only to reach Z'Tarnis Nebula as fast as possible. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

It is possible to anger Ky'Dra if Picard questions how he treats the Romulan prisoners in Federation space. Ky'Dra will reply angrily that if the Federation doesn't like the Klingon customs, he will not offer his help again and will stop communication. This won't affect the remainder of the game, although the player won't receive enough background information from him.


Ky'Dra's appearance is a modified shot of Governor Torak from the episode TNG episode: "Aquiel". He is voiced by the actor Michael Jerome West.