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For other uses, see Kyana.

Kyana was a binary star system that was located in the Alsuran sector in the space of the the galaxy's Delta Quadrant. Both the primary and the secondary were Class K stars. The former's magnitude was +5, which was as bright as Sol. (ST reference: Star Charts) Kyana's primary was white. (STO - "Iconian War" mission: "Time in a Bottle")

History and specificsEdit

The Kyana system consisted of a pair of stars, two planets with at least one moon, and one asteroid belt. The system had been colonized by the Krenim before the mid-22nd century. In 2410, the Krenim population was almost wiped out by the Vaadwaur. (ST reference: Star Charts; STO - "Iconian War" mission: "Time in a Bottle")

System makeupEdit

Kyana primary

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