L'Miren was an Iconian overseeing the invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy in the early 25th century. She assumed the position of head of state for the Iconian race after the death of her predecessor in the year 2410.


L'Miren was born tens of thousands of years ago. She held the position of guardian of the World Heart, an artifact that contains all information about the Iconian race. Alongside with her sisters, M'Tara and T'Ket, L'Miren held one of the greatest positions of the once peaceful and mighty Iconian Empire. Approximately 200,000 years ago, however, her homeworldIconia, suffered an orbital bombardment by an alliance of several races who lusted for the Iconians' advanced technology. During the first moments of the invasion, L'Miren and eleven other Iconians, including her two sisters, were able to escape the planet through an Iconian gateway thanks to the efforts of The Others.

For over 200,000 years, these survivors remained isolated from the rest of the galaxy and slowly managed to rebuild their forces and technology, waiting for the right moment for their return. It is known that at some moment the Iconians left the Milky Way to somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. (STO video game: The Iconian War)

The Iconian WarEdit

After the beginning of the Iconian War in 2410, L'Miren was among the Iconians overseeing the Iconian Empire’s campaign to conquer the galaxy. (STO mission: "The Iconian War")

During an Alpha Quadrant Alliance mission deep inside the Vaadwaur Supremacy's territory, L'Miren, M'TaraT'Ket, and nine other Iconians congregated in the Kyana star system after a group of AQA officers manage to defeat an entire squad of Heralds and escape. She discussed with her fellow Iconians about the Alliance's unexpected resilience, not knowing they were being watched by that same group of AQA officers that were safe thanks to a Krenim device that allowed them to stay out of normal space-time. This device functioned as a kind of cloaking device, however much more complex. These AQA representatives, having among them Captain Nog of the USS Chimera, ended up negotiating an agreement with the Krenim Coalition to fight the Iconians. (STO mission: "Time in a Bottle")

During the Alliance assault on Iconia, L'Miren was summoned alongside with T'Ket by M'Tara, which had been defeated by an AQA group that had boarded her flagship during the battle. L'Miren then said that now she understood T'Ket's hatred and that she would stand with her until all the mortals where exterminated for killing an immortal. After this event, L'Miren took her sister's place as leader of the Iconian Empire. (STO mission: "Broken Circle")

Alliance resources had reached a critical state, and the Iconian forces were preparing for the final battle, a massive assault into the Sol system. L'Miren personally led the Iconian forces during the attack, alongside with T'Ket. During the battle, to the Iconian's surprise, a Krenim ship warped onto the battlefield in an attempt to create a time portal. Only three ships were able to cross it, and the portal led them to ancient Iconia, two hours before the orbital bombardment. Their initial goal was to personally eliminate any chance for the Iconians to escape the planet. However, realizing the peaceful nature of the Iconians from that period, the AQA group decided to help a group of Iconians, having among them M'Tara, L'Miren and T'Ket, to escape instead of killing innocent people. With the Alliance's assistance, L'Miren is able to retrieve the World Heart and reach a gateway so they could escape. However, Sela, which was part of the AQA group, began shooting the Iconians, killing two of them and hitting L'Miren's leg, which would lather force her to replace her legs with some sort of artificial structure. Sela then stole the World Heart, but was stopped by Captain Kagran before she could finish her work. After recreating the time portal and returning to the present time, one of the group's members contacted L'Miren's flagship and returned the World Heart to her. Realizing that they were the ones who saved her, L'Miren ordered her forces to stand down, ending the Iconian War. L'Miren declared the Iconians would return to their homeworld to restore it and restore their civilization to what it used to be. (STO mission: "Midnight")