The Lacaam Coalition was the political party representing the Tezwan elininae.

In 2372, the Gatni Party assumed control of the Tezwan Assembly, the planetary ruling council, with the election of Prime Minister Kinchawn. Kinchawn systematically replaced the top cabinet and military positions with loyal trinae supporters, removing several long standing and effective elininae politicians.

However, in 2379, Deputy Prime Minister Bilok plotted with Federation Presidential Chief of Staff Koll Azernal to overthrow Kinchawn. Kinchawn became aware of this and activated nadion-pulse cannons on the planet built by the Federation in violation of the Khitomer Accords. After the USS Enterprise-E successfully destroyed the nadion-pulse cannon firebases and assumed command of the planet, Kinchawn went into exile, and Bilok succeeded to the position of top authority, realigning the legitimate government to restore the political power of many of the removed Lacaam Coaliation members. (TNG novels: A Time to Kill, A Time to Heal)

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