Laen Enkoa was a Cardassian military officer during the 2360s.

In 2362, Laen was serving as a security officer aboard the CDS Rekkel when it was attacked by Talarian raiders. After the captain and executive officer were killed in the attack, Enkoa took command of the Rekkel and was able to save the ship with the assistance of Sanir Kein. Following this, Jagul Hanno promoted him from the rank of dalin to dal (mostly because he was dating the jagul's niece, Lethra) and gave him command of the CDS Lakar, assigning Kein as his executive officer. Enkoa, frustrated at being shuffled off to the side several times by Hanno, took the initiative by attacking Setlik III until Hanno intervened to stop the senseless slaughter. Afterward, Enkoa was arrested, stripped of rank, and shipped back to Cardassia to face a trial. (ST novella: The Slow Knife)


CDS Rekkel personnel
ArlalLaen EnkoaSanir KeinMeka Tunol CardassianUnion
CDS Lakar personnel
Laen EnkoaSanir KeinLleyeTelso CardassianUnion

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