For other uses, see Dinar.

The Laertian dinar (or L dinar) was a currency used on the planet Laertes. They were distinguished by a fine fall-off color in the blue-gray band that encircled them.

When Allura arrived on Deep Space 9 in 2371, Quark would not allow her to gamble at his establishment. She asked Doctor Bashir to gamble for her and gave him a bag of Laertian dinars. Bashir took them to Quark to verify their authenticity. Quark called the currency as "good as latinum. Better," and gave Bashir an exchange rate of approximately 7.3442 gold-pressed latinum bars per L dinar. (DS9 novel: The Laertian Gamble)

Types of currency
materials acta crystalgolddiamondlatinumludugial goldsilver
units bilbokcentcreditdarsekdejebbitdirakdollardroknaducatgalorine credit slipileckernklon peaglaertian dinarleklitanotch-rockprime transfer authorityquatloosaktosousszekett'chaktalontri-esta

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