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Lan-dovna was a Vulcan technique of killing another with one's hands, much like Tal-Shaya. Lan-dovna was a method of strangulation using one hand. This martial arts technique was developed during Vulcan's violent past in the time before Surak. After the reforms of Surak, the Lan-dovna technique was still taught to Vulcan adolescents - both males and females.

In 2253, two members of the crew of the USS Enterprise were killed by the Human/Vulcan hybrid Daniel Reed while the Enterprise was transporting Vulcan's Glory back to Vulcan. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Glory)

In 2372, After performing a Vulcan mind meld with Lon Suder, Tuvok began having trouble suppressing his emotions, particularly violent feelings. He decided to test his ability to control his emotions by engaging in a holodeck program in which Neelix engaged in annoying behavior towards the Vulcan. The holographic Neelix tried to get Tuvok to smile, and Tuvok responded by using a Lan-dovna stranglehold to kill the holographic Neelix. (VOY episode: "Meld")

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