The Lanatosians were a water-breathing, spacefaring species. (TNG comic: "Mourning Star") They were members of the Federation in the 24th century and, along with the Skriiti, native to the planet Lanatos. (TNG comic: "Trapped")


Lanatosians were bipedal swimmers, ranging from two to three meters in height, and featured protrusions on their chins and fin on their jawline. (TNG comic: "Trapped") They required a breathing apparatus when they are out of water. (TNG comic: "Homecoming")


Lanatosians placed great importance on their monuments, seeing them as sacred. Throughout their history, Lanatosians died to preserve these monuments. Lanatosian monuments were seen as the focal point of their culture and religious tradition. To the Lanatosians, their monuments were their most prized possessions.(TNG comic: "Mourning Star")


During the 24th century, the Lanatosians were forced to evacuate Lanatos due to a collision with a rogue comet. Their ships did not have the capacity to remove their entire population in time before the comet's collision, so they asked the Federation for aid in their evacuation. (TNG comic: "Mourning Star") Prior to the arrival of the USS Enterprise-D, the Lanatosians tried to hide a herd of Skriiti. They were discovered by the Enterprise-D's counselor, Lieutenant commander Deanna Troi. (TNG comic: "Trapped")