Larenda was one of several nation-states on planet Mestiko.

Larenda was ruled by a democratically-elected Larendan Convocation, led by a Presiding Servant. Larenda was a strong supporter of international objectives, being a member of the global Zamestaad, and providing financial support for the Gelta nation's space exploration programs.

When a rogue pulsar passed through the Mestiko system in 2265, Larenda was on the opposite hemisphere of the planet, and thus spared the worst of "the Pulse's" immediate effects. Still, there was considerable damage inflicted on Larenda, including the loss of most of its government and natural resources. Servant Raya elMora became the de facto leader of Larenda in the wake of the disaster, and took a leadership role in the planet's recovery efforts. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: Things Fall Apart)


the planet Mestiko
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