Professor Lars Hoël was a male Human in the 23rd century who did research in the field of anthropology. He showed a particular interest in 20th century Humans, and maintained an archival collection of twentieth century artifacts.

In 2289, Captain James T. Kirk and Saavik went on a rogue mission to investigate the "Critters". Because it was essential that Starfleet remain unaware of his absence, Kirk entrust Hoël to act in his stead.

Hoël accepted the mission gladly, as it gave him an opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Gillian Taylor, who was from the 20th century. Upon coming aboard, he presented her with several objects from his collection, including clothing, books and audio cassettes from her era. This seemed to boost Taylor's spirit, as she had been feeling out of place in the 23rd century. (TOS comic: "Debt of Honor")

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