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Laura Barton was a 23rd century Human woman, born around reference stardate 1/94. On stardate 2/09, Barton was one of two hundred individuals who assembled to found a joint Human-Klingon colony on Sheridan's World, at the behest of the Organians.

Barton was employed on the colony's support staff, and was skilled in medicine, treating both Humans and Klingons. During her life on the colony, she became bonded with Kzarn tai-Huron, and bore him a child, Kravax, on stardate 2/12.

In the 2280s, on stardate 2/24, a referendum came about on the colony's future. Barton supported the continued neutrality of Sheridan's World, although if forced to choose she was more likely to desire the colony go under Federation control rather than join the Klingon Empire. (FASA RPG module: Conflict of Interests)