Laurentian was a star with an associated star system, located in the Xarantine sector of the Pi Canis sector block. (TOS movie & novelization: Star Trek; ST video game: Star Trek Online)


By the year 2409 the Federation had a colony here with a population in the hundreds. The system produced quadratanium for use in replicators and holotechnology. (ST video game: Star Trek Online [tooltip description])

In 2409 proper the Klingon Defense Force launched an offensive against the Laurentian Colony led by General D'ald, and Admiral Grigori Yanishev dispatched a fleet to help the local Starfleet outpost repel the attack. The Starfleet vessels engaged and destroyed several waves of Klingon vessels, including D'ald's flagship IKS Kaarg. (STO mission: "Slowing the Expeditionary Force")

During the fighting the Klingons managed to land troops and artillery on a planet in the system, and Starfleet was forced to deploy away teams to neutralize them. (STO mission: "Breaking the Planet")

Alternate realityEdit

In the year 2258 of the alternate reality created by Nero's temporal incursion, Starfleet's primary fleet was engaged in the Laurentian system. This forced Admiral Richard Barnett to call up the Starfleet Academy corps of cadets in order to man Earth's reserve starships to respond to the distress call from Vulcan.

The comic book Star Trek: Nero suggests that Laurentian was the location of Rura Penthe and that Starfleet was responding to the Narada's breakout, during which Nero destroyed 47 Klingon ships. However this location for Rura Penthe directly conflicts with other sources, and Star Trek Into Darkness indicates that the Federation was in a state of cold war with the Klingon Empire at the time, so their responding to a KDF distress signal seems unlikely.

After Vulcan's destruction by Nero, Commander Spock, acting captain of the USS Enterprise, intended to travel to Laurentian to join up with the fleet. However, after he was persuaded to remove himself from command under Regulation 619, Acting Captain James T. Kirk changed course to intercept Nero's Narada in Earth orbit. (TOS movie & novelization: Star Trek)



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