For other uses, see Lee.

Lee was a female Human citizen of Aleph Prime in the 2270s. She served as the city's defense attorney and was a friend of city prosecutor Ian Braithewaite. Most of her days consisted of handling routine and minor offenses - such as pleading fines for drunken miners. Both she and Braithewaite wished for something a bit more exciting, such as a good smuggling case.

In an alternate 2270, Lee defended Doctor Georges Mordreaux when he was accused of murdering many people after promising to send them back in time. In this alternate reality Lee died after being poisoned with hypermorphic botulism by a future version of Dr. Mordreaux. This alternate timeline in which Lee died was eventually erased from history when Spock traveled back in time to just before Dr. Mordreaux sent people back in time, and successfully persuaded the Doctor to cancel his experiments. (TOS novel: The Entropy Effect)

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