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Leo Tolstov (September 9, 1828 - November 20, 1910) was a 19th century human author and playwright best known for the Russian novel 'War and Peace.

Spock was an admirer of Tolstoy and compared him to William Shakespeare and Gilla Dupree. (TOS novel: Devil World)

As a famous Russian, he was a source of pride for Pavel Chekov. While having a discussion about Russian inventions, Hikaru Sulu claimed that Tolstoy was an Asian invention. (TOS comic: "The Return!")

In 2377, Ardon Broht compared the USS Voyager's EMH to K'Ratak and Leo Tolstoy after reading Photons Be Free. (VOY episode: "Author, Author")

The starship USS Tolstoy was named after this author.

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