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Lesser Evil was the fourth novel in the Mission Gamma miniseries of Pocket Books's Deep Space Nine books.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

Sins past.
Chaos erupts aboard Deep Space 9 as the crew begins a desperate search for a killer in their midst, catapulting Colonel Kira Nerys on a dangerous chase into the heart of the Federation. But the crime she seeks to avenge is part of a plot more ancient and far-reaching than anyone suspects, and that secret, if exposed, could divide worlds throughout the Alpha Quadrant.
Meanwhile, as the starship Defiant makes its way back toward the wormhole and home to DS9, a startling discovery shakes Commander Elias Vaughn to his core and brings to light the truth behind the most tragic mission of his long life. As the crew struggles with the implications of what they've found, their captain's judgment comes into question… and casts doubt on the final outcome of their historic voyage through the Gamma Quadrant.


On their way home, Elias Vaughn and the crew of the USS Defiant make a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Kira Nerys pursues Shakaar Edon's supposed assassin to Trill, while Ro Laren, Admiral Akaar and General Lenaris investigate why Hiziki Gard assassinated the Bajoran leader.

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Leonard James AkaarAsarem WadeenJulian BashirBenitezSavitri BhatnagarSam BowersJeannette ChaoCostelloCrothTaulin CylDaniloEzri DaxEkoshaHiziki GardSeljin GandresGirani SemnaGrigoryevaNeil HallermanHava RemahtHegel YtrinEdgardo JuarezKira NerysLankfordLenaris HolemCathy LingAkellen MacetMadredElekzia MazElaine MelloAlex MontenegroMornNguyenNogKeiko O'BrienKirayoshi O'BrienMiles O'BrienMolly O'BrienOdo/WexOpaka SulanQuarkKrissten RichterRo LarenShakaar EdonShul ToremJake SiskoJoseph SiskoJudith SiskoSolokSotakAnn SpillaneTaran'atarPrynn TenmeiRuriko Tenmei/Kree OmiturinCharivretha zh'ThaneThirishar ch'ThaneT'PrynnTreirElias VaughnCren VerudaGabrielle VicenteWeyounMei Ling XiangKasidy YatesYevir Linjarin
Referenced only 
John CandlewoodShathrissia zh'CheenBeverly CrusherCurzon DaxJadzia DaxRichard DaystromSkrain DukatDemarestEtana KolGordimerHetikHughesJalarinMikaela LeishmanOdoPerezJean-Luc PicardChristopher PikePresleyGregory QuinnRichardsRomGerda RonessRowatuSelokJason SenkowskiSh'RaaznBenjamin SiskoJennifer SiskoRebecca SiskoSarah SiskoNoonien SoongSimon TarsesT'rbCharlie WhatleyWorf, son of Mogh


Alpha QuadrantDeep Space 9EarthGamma QuadrantGolGolden Gate ParkIdran systemKora IILouisianaMount SeleyaNew Orleansoperations centerSan FranciscoSisko's Creole KitchenToscanaTrill systemT'RukhUridi'siVulcan
Referenced only 
AshallaBadlandsBajorBajoran wormholeBerengaria VIIBourbon StreetBradbury CityCapella IVCardassiaCelestial TempleDelta QuadrantDublinEuropa NovaFerenginarGaron IIGemworldIdranMarsMilitia HeadquartersMonac shipyardMonac systemMurasaki sectorOlympus MonsPortlandRondac IIIStarbase 51TrillUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Defiant (Defiant-class) • USS Gryphon (Akira-class) • Jem'Hadar fighterUSS Polaris (Norway-class) • Sagan (Type-10 shuttlecraft) • USS Sagittarius (Norway-class) • USS T'Kumbra (Nebula-class) • USS T'Plana-HathUSS Valkyrie (Paladin-class)
Referenced only 
USS AppalachiaBorg cubeUSS BudapestUSS DefiantUSS EnterpriseLi NalasUSS RutledgeTragerUSS Voyager

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 
AlonisBolianChekaElaysianInamuriKlingonKtarianProphetsRomulanSpecies 8472TholianTzenkethi

States and organizationsEdit

Bajoran MilitiaBorg CollectiveCardassian GuardCardassian UnionDominionOralian WayStarfleetTrill Defense MinistryTrill Diplomatic CorpsUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Federation CouncilFerengi AllianceFerengi Commerce AuthorityFounderHundredKlingon EmpireMartian PhilharmonicObsidian OrderOhalavaruOrion SyndicatePathfinder ProjectStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet IntelligenceTal ShiarVedek Assembly

Other referencesEdit

2304alligatorantennae farmarroz con polloartificial intelligenceassimilationassimilation tubuleastronomical unitattainderauto destructbaba ghanoushBajoran religionbaseballBattle of Sector 001bayoubicycleBlessed ExchequerBurning Hearts of Qo'noSCalaiah vel D'naicayenne peppercloaking devicecombadgeCommandant of Starfleet Academycrenshaw meloncrossover bridgecyberneticsDenevan cherries flambédermal regeneratorDominion Wareelshark saladThe Early Years of BaseballEmissary of the Prophetsescape podFerengi Rules of Acquisitionfield rationfleet admiralGrand Nagus of the Ferengi AllianceGreat Riverholocubehull platingiced teaisoboramineisolation suitjambalayaJefferies tubeJurassickanarkligatkudzumagnetosphereMardi Grasmorphogenic matrixnanitenanoprobenanotechnologynavigational deflectorneutroniumOccupation of Bajorokraoperations situation tableorbOrb of Unityorbital habitatpaghphaserphaser riflepleasure mazepokerprobequadrotriticale baguettequartersregeneration alcoverepair scaffoldreplicatorrunaboutrunning lightsauropodservoThe Silmarillionspinach frittatashroudsubspace field coilsubspace transceiverTR-116transpondertransportertranswarptranswarp conduittranswarp fissuretricorderturboliftVault of Eternal Destitutionwarp corewormhole relay stationXENO-02884/1



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