"Let's Find Out About Andorians" was a book produced by Tiger Scholastic Media, published in 2265. It gave a basic overview of many aspects of the Andorians, including their history. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)


"The first "proto-Andorians" were building shelters, tools, and weapons four hundred millennia ago, when Andoria itself was colder, darker, and far less hospitable than in the present day. Evolved from ancestors as insectoid as they were mammalian, the proto-Andorians spread quickly to all corners of their world, finding themselves able to sustain life in climates that a human or Vulcan would find unbearably bone-chilling and outwitting some of the most cunning predators known to the galaxy. Born typically in quadruplets and quintuplets, more than half of these early nomads and cliff-dwellers didn't survive early childhood."

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