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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Series: The Original Series
Story by: Lee Cronin
Teleplay by: Oliver Crawford
Directed by: Jud Taylor
Novelization in: Star Trek 5 by James Blish
Production information
Episode no.: 3x15
Production no.: 6149-70
First aired: 10 January 1969
Date: 5730.2 (2268)


Stardate 2268 On a mission to decontaminate the planet Ariannus the Enterprise retrieves a stolen spacecraft with one person aboard- Lokai who is white on the right side of his body and black on his left side. An invisible spacecraft comes straight toward the Enterprise-and leaves its pilot aboard before being destroyed. The pilot is Bele who is black on the right side of his body and white on his left side. Bele is a Police Commissioner from the planet Cheron V who has been chasing Lokai for 50,000 earth years across the galaxy. Although slavery was abolished on Cheron the ruling class is Bele's color and the ruled class is Lokai's color. Lokai tries to enlist the Enterprise crew in his crusade and Bele claims to be superior color to Lokai to Kirk and Spock. When the Federation refuses to honor Bele's request for custody of Lokai, Bele with the power of his will tries to hijack the Enterprise to Cheron in a standoff with Kirk who for his part activates the self destruct -which is only averted when Bele agrees to turn over control of the starship to Kirk. When Ariannis is decontaminated, Bele hijacks the Enterprise again-after destroying the self destruct with his will. On arrival at Cheron, the ships sensors show that the entire humanoid population has wiped out one another. Lokai transports himself down to Cheron followed by Bele.



BeleClifford BrentChristine ChapelPavel ChekovBill HadleyJames T. KirkRoger LemliLokaiLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraVinci
Referenced only 
Gregor Johann Mendel

Starships and vehiclesEdit

class F shuttlecraftCheron scout vesselda VinciUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class)


AriannusCheronhangar deckrecreation room
Referenced only 
CoalsackEarthMilky Way GalaxyStarbase 4

Races and culturesEdit

Cheron nativesHumanVulcan
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Commission on Political TraitorsMinistry of HealthStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

20th centuryapebacteriabloodCivil Rights Movementcommand frequency 2commissionerdeath warrantdestruct sequencedirectional controldue processevolutionextinctionextraditiongenocidehistoryhull breachintergalactic treatylavalogicmaster computermaster racememory banknucleotideoxygenpolitical asylumracismrecuperative powersred alertsabotagescopeself destructshieldsskinslaveryspray tanktractor beamvocal cordsvolcano


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