Letan was a Orion historian. Circa 156 CE (two hundred years after reference stardate -20/5602.13), Letan wrote of the greatness of the Orion civilization during the New Days:

"On a thousand worlds, Orion cities and Orion marketplaces rise, holden to none. Out of Orion ports fly Orion ships laden with the commerce of a Galaxy. Orion Captains probe the Outer Dark, Orion rhadamanen fill Orion coffers, and Orion poets sing their praises to the stars. On all sides, Inward and Outward, Horsh to Ku'K'resh, Spinward and Coreward, Uign to Payn, there is blessed peace. Prosperity lives and breathes like a Presence between the planets." (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)