Levitasz was a settlement on the planet Remus.

A statue if S'Tanet was located in the city which depicted the explorer stepping down onto the world's surface and marked her the first Romulan landing on the planet. She was noted to have stepped from a broken step with the other half being located in the famous statue on Kanassarum.

Nearby, a small museuum contained the craft that bore her to Remus along with ther artifacts from early exploration efforts. Holographic recreations of the landing were known to be viewed at this location. (FASA RPG module: The Romulans (FASA))

The FASA RPG line goes with the concept that Remus had no native race and that it was a temperate world which contradicts canon elements shown of Remus. However, its possible that S'Tanet's landing indicated the recovery of her peoples space flight technology after they had journeyed from Vulcan.


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