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Lex Nakashima was a 23rd century Human male. By the late 2270s, Nakashima was serving in Starfleet as a sciences division lieutenant, assigned as a junior science officer aboard the USS Enterprise. (Star Trek II Short Stories)

Starfleet careerEdit

USS EnterpriseEdit

Nakashima was manning the science station on the Enterprise's bridge as the starship approached Pollox IV in 2277. After detecting a starship at extreme sensor range, he reported the finding to Admiral Kirk. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "The Blaze of Glory")

Later that year, Nakashima joined Doctor McCoy and Lieutenant Commander Uhura in the Enterprise's rec room when they were all off-duty. Nakashima was excited about the Enterprise's upcoming liberty on Macedon III and spoke at length about all of that planet's tourist attractions, leading McCoy to believe that he was working for the Macedon Chamber of Commerce. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "Under Twin Moons")

Nakashima accompanied Kirk, Dr. Christine Chapel, Sergeant Juan Aragonés, Barry St. John and Marta Bergstresser on a landing party to Charlotte, one of the three moons of the planet Cathy, where they explored a cave system containing one-third of the lost treasure of Vulcan. Nakashima was assigned to Engineering at this time. (TOS novella: The Vulcan Treasure)



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