Li Quan was a known figure in Human history.

He lived on Earth where he emerged in the western parts of the United States and used the border skirmishes between the dictatorships in order to carry out a global coup. This was because he aimed to become a benevolent dictator and unify all people under one flag for the good of all which led to total sharing with food distributed to all as well as planetary consolidation. However, whilst he claimed to be a benevolent leader, he in effect created a police state which escalated into a global bloodbath. In addition, he constantly claimed that he would bring about a perfect order which would be beneficial for the people but in the mean time the people were starving because the economy was suffering.

By the 23rd century Li Quan along with his followers had been dead for generations. The Vulcan Sarda knew of Li Quan but not in detail. (TOS novel: Dreadnought!)

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