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Colonel Li Tarka was an officer in the Bajoran Space Guard. He was the father of Li Nalas, and maintained the command of the Space Guard vessel Clarion.

In 2318, Colonel Li was present when the first Cardassian delegation arrived in the Bajoran system to return the remains of the Eleda.

In 2323, he was in command of the Clarion when Cemba Station blew up. The Clarion was responsible for beaming off many survivors, including Darrah Mace of the City Watch. Soon after, Li led a strike force seeking revenge against the Tzenkethi who were believed to have carried out the attack. Li's force was able to find a Tzenkethi marauder and fought a brutal battle against it. As the Bajorans were about to win, Cardassian warships appeared and beamed bio-weapons aboard the Bajoran ships, killing their crews including Li. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

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