Life Cycle Meditation/Old Growth Forest, program number 06010 was a holodeck program, one of the earliest holoprograms.

The program featured a forest clearing where a user could meditate in the natural surroundings. The forest environment was accelerated from that of ordinary nature though, over the two hour period of the program the forest would grow by about twenty years - though not entirely realistically, different plants and animals moved and grew at different rates to make the most ideally meditative environment. Seasons would change, though it never got so dark the user could not see.

Following his orb experience in April 2376 Elias Vaughn took some time to enjoy the program on the USS Enterprise-E's holodeck. He had not used it for at least a decade prior, and had been pleasantly surprised to find the old program available on the Enterprise. (DS9 novel: Avatar, Book Two)

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