"Live Evil, Part 2" is the 51st issue of IDW Publishing's 2015 ongoing series of Star Trek comics.

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Trapped within a turbulent ion storm, the U.S.S. Enterprise finally emerges unscathed, only to find itself in a twisted new reality! Captain Kirk leads an away team to a strange colony on Ceti Alpha V, where they meet a familiar... and dangerous... foe. Meanwhile, in orbit, Commander and the rest of the crew come face to face with a terrifying enemy: the I.S.S. Enterprise, flagship of the militaristic Terran Empire!

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James T. KirkJames T. Kirk (mirror)Leonard McCoyNyota UhuraSpockSpock (mirror)Nyota Uhura (mirror)Hikaru Sulu (mirror)Hikaru SuluMontgomery Scott (mirror)Montgomery ScottPavel Chekov (mirror)Pavel Chekov


Harry Mudd (mirror)Khan Noonien Singh (mirror)GregorZahra • • KeenserK'Hav


Arronia IICeti Alpha VQo'noSVulcan

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