Livilla Darly, Ph.D., was a female Human archaeologist in the 24th century. As early as the 2350s, she worked with Dr. Jennifer Almieri, and in the 2360s, was part of her dig on the planet Drura Sextus.

At some point prior to 2377, the Drura Sextus team encountered a small group of genetically engineered shapeshifters, and following that encounter, Darly was taken captive and subjected to medical experimentation, in an effort to rediscover how the shapeshifters had originally been created.

Darly was used as a "template" by one of those shapeshifters, who assumed her appearance and her identity when she, Almieri, and a third team member, Dr. Preston Strong, returned to Earth in 2377. The duplicate Darly murdered Almieri and Strong, and also attempted to kill Dr. Elizabeth Lense. She was able to elude capture and return to her home undiscovered. (CoE eBook: Ghost)

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