"LoMova Ka-Tra FedRaS'n" (or "The Federation: From Outside", in English) was a very controversial book written by historian Jaro M'vatti prior to 2269. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)


"Andoria took a path different from Earth in this regard. Where Earth started out with a dizzying array of cultures and grew to a much more homogenized state, Andoria started out with very few cultures-but they stayed put. Lacking Earth's more hospitable and varied climate, ocean-separated continents and so on, the Andorian cultures maintained a kind of constant compatibility. But lacking a few distinctly human personality issues, the Andorians maintained the integrity of their cultures, however subtle, as the years wore on. It basically boils down to this: The ancient Andorians went to war, constantly, because they were angry about something, while the ancient humans went to war, constantly, because they had trouble dealing with other humans being different. Now that both species have gotten over it, they can look back on it all and laugh. Or at least, I can."

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