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Lokor is an officer in the Klingon Defense Force. He was also a member of the House of Grunnil. He served as chief of security aboard the IKS Gorkon from its launch in late 2375. [citation needed]

Lokor was very good at gaining intelligence. He also had a mind-sifter, even though it was illegal. [citation needed]

Lokor held the rank of lieutenant by 2375. By 2381, he was a commander and still serving on the Gorkon. Around this time, he interrogated the Kinshaya survivors from the battle to retake Krios. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)


  • Of all of the Klingons considered most likely to defy Klag's command or be a cause of unrest/disorder, Lokor is surprisingly loyal to Klag and throughout the series has openly resisted any and all attempts to join a rebellion against Klag's authority.



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