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The Lonat (also called Lonatians) are a race whose culture values speaking in rhyme. The Lonat claim that their phrases are subtle and elegant, but the universal translator usually makes their speech sound trite to those who do not speak the Lonat tongue. (For their part, Lonatians consider it a great honor and a valued compliment if their rhyming speech is answered in kind.) Their physical appearance has been described as "looking like a Bajoran festival lamp with eyes".

In 2370, a Lonat named "Square Deal" Djonreel sold an old Cardassian strongbox to Quark. (DS9 novel: Fallen Heroes)

Quark bought a duridium bolt from a Lonatian trader in 2373. Quark had hated bargaining with the Lonatian as he had to speak in iambic pentameter to negotiate. (DS9 novel: Vengeance)

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