Lor'Tan was the largest city on the planet Andoria and served as the center for the Andorian's cultural, economic and political life. All of the planet's highlights including cultural institutions, restaurants and museums were all based in this city. In addition, Andoria's largest commercial bodies and industrial organizations were also stationed in Lor'Tan.

Notable locations in the settlement included the Atlin Zoological Park and the Lor'Tan Great Hall. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

The planet Andor
cities and settlements HarbortownLaibokLaikanLor'TanLor'Vela Ufp-emblem Andorian empire
landmarks and institutions Grand StaircaseTherin ParkTower Hill
geography Weyzhiss Mountains
bodies of water Anshim OceanBo'abCentral CanalEmarnl LakeFrost RiverKhyzhon SeaLa'Len OceanLa'Vor SeaLor'Tan StraitMar'itMoss RiverSmathl LakeLake Thalassa
lifeforms stinging centipede Atlirith

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