Loraxial logo.

Loraxial Corporation was a business firm which was situated on the planet Andor and was formed in 0/0202.7. In later years, its chartering organization was the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United Federation of Planets.

It was initially founded with the intention to design accelerator cannons but later experienced a dramatic shift in its design policy by the end of the Four Years War. At that time, Priscilla Feddric had made an efficient antimatter containment system which in turn led to the development of the first operational photon torpedo. Her work led to the creation of the FP-1 photon torpedo system which was quickly installed on front line ships and dealt massive damage to their Klingon targets by the end of that conflict. Since that time, the firm was responsible for several different forms of photon system designs that were being used by Starfleet's starships.

By the beginning of the 24th century, the CEO of the corporation was Richard Ebossa. It had at least one internal division known as Loraxial Magnetic Dynamics which was responsible for photon weapon attack systems and its division head was Luthar Barabrin. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

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