Lorit Akrem was a male Bajoran who lived in the 24th century. Lorit was a member of the Shakaar resistance cell.

In 2355, Lorit took Kira Nerys to the caves of the Dakhur Hills to meet Shakaar Edon. (DS9 - Gateways novel: Demons of Air and Darkness)

In 2366, Lorit was detained by the Cardassians and brought aboard the Ravinok to be taken to a prison camp. On the way there, the Ravinok was attacked by the Breen, who forced the survivors, including Lorit, to work in mines on Dozaria extracting dilithium. Lorit was killed in a cave-in in 2370. Kira learned of his death in 2372 when she and Dukat searched for survivors from the Ravinok. (DS9 episode: "Indiscretion")

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