The USS Enterprise continues its new Five-year mission of exploration following the events of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Now at the very edge of the Alpha Quadrant, a terrifying secret waits to be discovered...
March 31, 1970—Captain

Steve Corey, a NASA astronaut, is tapped to join the Apollo program, though his mission doesn’t launch for another two years.

2261—The Enterprise is the first starship to explore Hinrichs V. A landing party traces strange readings to an ancient Earth circuit board and a child’s drawing. When contact with the team is lost, Spock beams down and rescues them from an exotic and dangerous life-form that shares most of its DNA with humans. They discover that all life on the planet is rapidly evolving and capture the creature for further study. Removed from the planet’s ecosphere, the beast reverts to his original human form—Steve Corey—who reveals his backstory: the Apollo program also involved the construction and use of a secret deep-space launch base on the far side of Earth’s moon. Steve was launched on a round-trip test flight, but was lost in space and ended up on Hinrichs V where the planet’s unique environment mutated him into his other form. Now, his 300+-year existence is catching up to him, so Kirk returns him to the surface, where he can survive as the beast rather than die as a man. He awakens on the planet, alive and retaining enough of his humanity to connect to his daughter’s drawing. Kirk asks Starfleet to send a medical ship to further study and hopefully cure Corey’s condition before proceeding on its exploration.



James T. KirkSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraCarol MarcusZahraKaiSteve CoryTabitha Cory


Cocoa BeachFloridaHinrichs V

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