Lucana was a Garidian social revolutionist who believed the legend of the Fifth Scroll, wishing to change Garidian society by inflaming the downclasses to rebellion. With the revolutionary Avakar and scholar T'bak they fled Garid on a Garidian scoutship across the Neutral Zone and into Federation space. T'bak intended to locate the Vulcan archeologist Shanok who was known to make research on the Lawgiver's Followers.

In M'kyru sector their ship was apprehended by the Warbird Asiram, commanded by Avakar's mother, Pentara.

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) attempted to intervene and the fugitives were beamed on board.

There are several outcomes of this encounter, depending on the actions by the player. It is possible to attack and destroy the Asiram or avoid the conflict in which case the scoutship will be self-destruct to avoid capture. In this case, after returning from the Mertens Orbital Research Station, Picard receives a distress call from their capsules in the Palmyra system and rescues them.

In the Conference Lounge, Picard talked with the three revolutionists. Picard consented to find Shanok, who, however was unable to indicate an exact location but eventually the Enterprise traced the Lawgiver to the planet Frigis.

An away team was sent on the planet to look for the Scroll, and

Finally, the Enterprise was discovered by the Asiram; thanks to the intervention of Avakar, the fugitives were safely transported to Garid. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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