The Lukari were a humanoid species native to the moon Lukari, located in an unnamed star system on the coreward edge of Ferenginar sector in the Alpha Quadrant. (STO episode: "Future Proof")


The Lukari had achieved warp two by the early 25th century and had had limited contact with the Tzenkethi Coalition and Ferengi Alliance, but felt little need to colonize beyond their home star system. (STO website: Star Trek Online: Post War Era #2: Lukari Species, STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Sunrise")

In 2410, not long after the end of the Iconian War, an unknown party fired a trilithium warhead into the Lukari sun, causing its nuclear fusion process to cease and threatening the Lukari homeworld. An Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship traveled to the system to investigate the fluctuations in solar output and made official first contact with the Lukari via Administrator Kuumaarke, a representative of the Lukari space program. Kuumaarke hoped to use a solar probe to reignite the sun, requesting the AQA's assistance guiding the probe, but the attempt failed.

The system was then visited by time traveler Kal Dano, a 31st century man with partial Lukari ancestry who used the Tox Uthat to reenergize the sun and restore a damaged timeline. During the attempt the system came under Tholian attack. The Alliance vessel repelled the assault but the Tox Uthat was stolen.

Their future secured, the Lukari looked forward to wider engagement with the galaxy at large. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Sunrise")


The Lukari were ruled by the Planetary Council. The Science Council was another government agency. (STO website: Star Trek Online: Post War Era #2: Lukari Species)

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